Virtual Tour

Travel is going beyond the ordinary and usual frame of life; a place where we are working all day long and resting at the night time.  beyond our routines, far from this place and break our usual rules, it means we are traveling. It means we get away from our routine life.  Maybe it’s not a scientific and academic definition of travel, but it’s an emotional and correct definition; going beyond routines and explore the world.  This is travel; not being invariant, not prejudiced against daily rules. It means vary and change.  Well, now let’s change the atmosphere of the talk How we travel normally?  First of all we found our destination, which is chosen based on our interests.  After finding destination, we have to choose the direction and itinerary. The way and direction to the destination is the next step. From which path we want to reach the destination? And while we are choosing the path and destination, we choose our fellow travelers and our guide at the same time.  Our trip starts just the moment we think about traveling and our motivation sounds we are dreaming about it.  Now thorough the specific path with fellow travelers and tour guide we reach our destination.  


We roam, see, communicate, learn, enjoy, eat, buy souvenirs and overall we experience the new world.  So, now let’s travel in a different way;  Still we can choose the ideal destination. Where we like to travel? Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz or any other cities in the Iran.  All of these are destinations that can be chosen.  Now we have to recognize the direction, but this time there is a difference about the paths.  All right we are behind the monitors of our computers, mobiles or maybe 3d glasses.


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